Tuned and Work Health Solutions Partner to Revolutionize Employee Hearing Care and OSHA Hearing Compliance



NEW YORK, Sept. 12th, 2023 — Tuned, a digital hearing health company focused on providing comprehensive hearing care for all, today announced a new strategic partnership with Work Health Solutions, a provider of customized occupational health and wellness solutions. The partnership brings the Tuned health and safety hearing compliance program to employers subject to federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and employers concerned about employees’ health and well-being.

“There is a glaring need for comprehensive, preventive hearing care in occupational health, and we’re confident that teaming up with Work Health Solutions and their unique, individualized approach with clients will help fill the gap,” said Danny Aronson, co-founder and CEO of Tuned.

“As a team, Work Health Solutions and Tuned Care will offer industry-leading hearing services and benefits at best-in-class pricing. We are already seeing interest from clients across the country,” said Dr. Peter Lee, CEO of Work Health Solutions.

Over 22 million U.S. workers are exposed to hazardous noises on the job, with those working in the mining, logging, agriculture, construction and manufacturing industries facing the greatest risk of work-related hearing loss. More than half of employees in these industries do not wear hearing protection devices. 

Audiometric hearing testing programs are designed to safeguard employees’ hearing and quality of life, and comply with OSHA requirements. Hearing loss is progressive and permanent, and early detection of changes in hearing is critical for workplace safety. In addition to potentially missing important audio cues from other employees, those experiencing hearing loss can experience secondary health issues that can also impact workplace safety, including impaired stability and balance.  

“Work Health Solutions is focused on creating innovative solutions for employers. We are excited to partner with Tuned to offer a nationwide service network that will improve employee health and workplace safety,” Lee said.

Aronson agreed, stating “the new technology, platform and program designs that Tuned has created will revolutionize the hearing testing industry. Deploying our focused programs with a comprehensive service provider like Work Health Solutions creates amazing opportunities to scale services and benefit our clients.”


Work Health Solutions is redefining occupational health through customized programs tailored to the unique needs of each client. With comprehensive occupational healthcare programs, they build safer, healthier work environments. With the availability of on-site[SG1]  care, convenient near-site clinics and mobile or virtual health services, Work Health Solutions can meet the diverse needs of any employer’s occupational health journey. 

Tuned is the only comprehensive hearing conservation program available for employees with easy virtual access to hundreds of licensed audiologists nationwide. It integrates Scheduling, Testing, Analytics and Recording (STAR) into a single, OSHA-compliant, scalable platform to facilitate proactive clinical interventions and create a healthier, safer and more productive workforce. 

 “We created our STAR program with help from people who helped write OSHA’s Hearing Conservation Program, and it was purposely designed to scale with the needs of modern employers, make reporting easier and reduce their administrative demands,” Aronson said.

The strategic partnership between Tuned and Work Health Solutions will involve joint business development and prospecting, co-hosting webinars, raising awareness of hearing health issues and teaching employers about the benefits of the Tuned STAR program. The STAR hearing conservation program is a natural extension of Work Health Solutions’ current services. The STAR program is effective, cost-efficient and proactive in identifying early-stage hearing impairment giving employers and their valued staff an opportunity to take corrective action before significant injury occurs.

About Tuned

Tuned is a digital-first hearing care company. Available as an employer-sponsored benefit, Tuned offers lifelong preventative hearing care and hearing benefits to patients of all ages. The company supports care with comprehensive product options for hearing health, freeing employers from the need to evaluate thousands of headset and software combinations. Today, 1.4 million people can access Tuned through employer benefits and marketplaces. Tuned is a private company headquartered in New York City, with audiologists across the United States and worldwide. For more information visit: https://www.tunedcare.com

About Work Health Solutions

Work Health Solutions is the medical services provider who is redefining occupational healthcare. Offering a full scope of medical and advisory services aimed at protecting and enhancing employee health and wellness, Work Health Solutions delivers unparalleled results to its clients and their valued workforce, while supporting employers’ needs to comply with applicable health and safety regulations. Collaborating with hundreds of companies including many Fortune 500 businesses and working across dozens of industries, their unique, customized healthcare programs are helping companies prepare for and respond to any potential workplace health hazard, while reducing cost, increasing productivity and improving the quality of life of their workforce. Work Health Solutions is privately owned and is headquartered in California, with a nationwide network of clinical professionals and service locations. For more information, visit www.workhealthsolutions.com