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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I can see members virtually in my state or other states?

During the registration process, we will validate that your state licensure is in good standing. We encourage audiologists to check with their state’s licensing board to determine the rules and regulations around telehealth.

What is Listening Club?

Listening Club is a device rental library offered in partnership with Oaktree Products. Through Listening Club, audiologists on the Tuned platform have the opportunity to rent a device for firsthand experience and vetting, increasing your familiarity with and confidence in offerings beyond traditional hearing aids. It’s a completely no-strings-attached learning experience to help audiologists explore the latest technology.

What is Tuniversity?

Tuniversity is the resource hub for audiologists on the Tuned platform. You will find discussion boards, webinars, guides, and device reviews here, as well as everything you need to know to navigate the Tuned platform and conduct successful virtual appointments. Through the Tuniversity, you will have access to our device rental library, offered in partnership with Oaktree Products, called Listening Club.

Is Tuned affiliated with a manufacturer?

No! Tuned is completely independent and prides itself on being brand agnostic. This is a platform centered on the value of audiologists and the importance of delivering person centered care.

What devices are available?

There is no requirement for a device recommendation or sale during Tuned appointments. However, Tuned does have a curated marketplace of everything beyond traditional hearing aids, such as apps, hearing protection, computer software, specialty headphones, TV streamers, and more.

How does payment work?

Audiologists are paid for their time at a set hourly rate, independent of type of appointment or device sale. The payment is conducted through Stripe and requires your bank information for direct deposit.

What can you accomplish in a virtual consultation?

Common conversation topics include hearing conservation, member education, safe listening habits, situational listening solutions, reviewing various types of technology, and offering explanations and support. As a totally unbundled service, Tuned’s audiologists utilize their expertise to offer unbiased education and consultative services to its members.

Does Tuned dispense hearing aids?

No. Tuned’s primary focus is on member education and hearing conservation. We do, however, have referral options should hearing aids be an appropriate recommendation for a member.

Does Tuned test hearing?

Tuned does not perform diagnostic hearing tests. It does, however, use a three step hearing screener for members on the platform. This includes a questionnaire, a validated pure tone screener from Sonic Cloud, and a digits in noise measurement from HearX. They are accessible directly from the member's dashboard and results will be visible to both the audiologist and the member in the notes section.

Who are the members on Tuned?

Tuned uses strategic partnerships to offer Tuned as a holistic hearing benefit for employees or members of organizations. The details of each unique contract will be outlined so you know what services are covered. In addition, audiologists are welcome to use the Tuned platform to conduct tele-audiology.

Who do I contact to learn more?

You can reach out to Kathleen Wallace, Au.D., Head of Provider Education at or our support team at .

What is the Audiologist-Tuned relationship?

Audiologists are independent contractors and not employees of Tuned. This is outlined in our independent contractor agreement.

Where do I sign up?

Please follow this link to get started.

How do I become involved with Tuned as an audiologist?

Audiologists are welcome to sign up as a provider on Tuned. Once you complete your profile and go through a brief onboarding process, you will be approved to see members on the platform.

What is Tuned?

Tuned is a teleaudiology platform and provider network delivering holistic hearing healthcare to those who have traditionally not accessed audiologic services. It’s designed to let you do what you were trained for and practice at the top of your license.  We’ve removed the clutter and complication so you can focus on what you’re trained to do.  

The Tuned approach to hearing health removes the burden of administration and device sales.  It removes the limitations of location. 

Can I program traditional hearing aids over the platform?

Not directly through the Tuned platform, no. However, for members with hearing aids, you could use tele-audiology features from manufacturers simultaneously with Tuned, when appropriate.

What is the audiologist-Tuned relationship in terms of tax status?

Audiologists are considered independent contractors, not employees of Tuned. Tuned will provide a 1099-MISC form to audiologists every year.

Why do you need my license and proof of ID?

As part of our rigorous vetting process, our audiology team will review both your audiology license and ID, and will set your profile up to comply with state and federal laws and regulations.

Can I sync my calendar with CounselEAR?

Yes, the integration with CounselEar allows member's booking appointments with you to only see time slots that are free on either Tuned and CounselEAR. Basically, you can allocate time to Telehealth on Tuned and in-person appointments on your CounselEAR calendar. Members can’t book Telehealth when you’re working in-person and vice versa.Contact Tuned at and let us know you’d like the calendars synced. Tell us if your email on Tuned is the same as on CounselEAR and we’ll help you from there. You can also read more on Tuniversity here.