The Comprehensive Hearing Benefit

Tuned is the first benefit designed to bring hearing health to everyone

If You’re Not Protecting Your Hearing, You’re Losing It 

The modern world is creating a rise in hearing issues impacting all generations, not just our aging loved ones. With the increased use of technology and headphones, it’s no wonder the amassed ‘headphone generation’ is at an increased risk for hearing loss or complications.

Hearing is communication.

The lack of proactive annual hearing support and education is taking a life-long toll on the hearing health of adults and our youth.

Americans have hearing issues
are of working age

Today health plans don’t offer annual preventative support, and they ignore a litany of other hearing issues like tinnitus, APD or mild to moderate hearing loss. Experience these hearing issues here, first hand.

most common chronic physical condition
is Hearing Loss and is 2x as prevalent as diabetes or cancer
1 in 4
working age adults
have tinnitus (ringing in the ears), a condition associated with hearing loss
1.5 Billion
or 50% of those ages 12-35 are at risk of permanent, avoidable hearing loss
of Americans own headphones

Hearing loss is preventable, progressive & permanent.

Hearing loss is connected to costly health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, cancer treatments, cognitive decline and dementia.


​​The Only Comprehensive Hearing solution ​​​

Tuned is committed to supporting the hearing health of everyone: from preventing loss, to offering hearing health  education, conservation, and recommending solutions for the average person.​​

Why Tuned?

Hearing Health for everyone

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Hearing Health for everyone

At Tuned, we leverage technology and over 200 audiologists across all 50 states to support a wide range of hearing complications and loss. Tuned delivers unparalleled, holistic hearing support for employees and their families, without straining their finances or intervening only when the problem has become significant, and permanent.​

What Tuned offers that your medical benefit doesn’t

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A Gap in Care

The medical benefit offers care and treatment for physical issues with the ear, such as surgery or treating disease. When it comes to our actual hearing, the benefit sometimes offers a discount for hearing aids, but this still comes with heavy out of pocket costs for members.  ​​There is no support, guidance or solution offered to those who have mild to moderate loss, or other complications with their hearing. ​

How does Tuned work?

​​     ​Hear it Through their Ears

Tinnitus Moment

1 in 4 working adults suffer from tinnitus. Experience what it's like to hear ringing in your ears all the time.

Hearing Loss Hurdle

An estimated 50 million Americans have some form of hearing loss. Learn how hearing loss can impact daily communication.

APD Awareness

With auditory processing disorder the brain is unable to process or understand sounds as words. Find out what it's like to struggle with sound processing.

The Value of Offering Tuned

Bridges a gap in the medical benefit related to hearing health & education
Addresses a chronic condition that is prevalent, often preventable, and a comorbidity for many other conditions.
Safeguard hearing with annual prevention - just like an annual physical, vision, or dental exam.
Improve comprehension, performance, and workplace safety
Employer of Choice: attract and retain the headphone generation(s)
Reinforces DE&I initiatives

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