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This is a story everyone should be able to hear.

Our story started with listening.  We listened to how undiagnosed or untreated hearing difficulties were negatively affecting the quality of life for so many.  We listened to employees and employers who want better benefits.Who want better protection and guidance to help navigate today's connected, noise filled world of earbuds, headphones and cell phones.

About Us

It all sounded…out of tune with the modern world. So we set about changing things.

Tuned is a new approach to hearing health, designed by leading audiologists and focused on rethinking how we deliver hearing care to more people, more easily. It’s designed as a specialty health benefit, as hearing care should be as accessible as dental or vision care for employers, employees and their dependents. Tuned makes that possible.

It begins with radical transparency. You know exactly what happens and how much it costs.
Prices are shown online, no surprises or secrets (you can even take a look at them right now if you like).

It continues with choice.  Apps, earbuds, headphones are all vetted, tested and approved.  There’s no backroom deals with brands, we’re independent and brand agnostic. Patient recommendations are based on what’s best for them and nothing else - the way hearing care should be.  

And we’re doing it all by adhering to the highest clinical and ethical standards in the industry.  Tuned is making hearing health affordable and accessible.  To everyone.

We’re rebuilding hearing health for the modern world

“Every second of every day, we rely on hearing to communicate with the world around us.  It adds context to everything we do.  Yet most Americans won’t have had an audiology consultation since third grade and are being let down by an outdated system.  We believe much more is possible in hearing care and hearing health.  Employers have an important role to play and can bring hearing care mainstream as a traditional healthcare benefit.  Together we can make a difference that’s good for everyone.”

Danny Aronson, Co founder, CEO

Nearly 25% of working-age adults and 15% of school-age children experience hearing issues, from ringing in the ears (tinnitus) to balance issues to auditory processing disorders. Once limited to factory or warehouse workers, hearing fatigue and hearing issues are now presenting in knowledge workers, with many Americans working in remote or hybrid environments that require all-day headphone use.

Hearing loss is twice as prevalent as cancer or diabetes and is one of the most common chronic conditions in the U.S. Traditional annual health screenings track high blood pressure or cholesterol as potential chronic condition risk factors, yet no equivalent standard of care exists in hearing health.

At least 50% of people with untreated hearing loss have never had their hearing professionally checked before age 60, despite 60% of people with hearing loss being under retirement age. Undiagnosed hearing loss can have deleterious impacts on quality of life, including increased anxiety, depression, social isolation, and reduced mental health and cognitive function.

Tuned serves patients of all ages, including children, by connecting qualified and credentialed audiologists to patients via an easy-to-use clinically validated platform. Tuned audiologists can accurately screen patients’ hearing online. The Tuned 360 Hearing Profile is the most advanced hearing screening available online, offering an affordable, convenient and accessible solution to anyone in the world.

Meet the team

Danny Aronson

Co founder, CEO

Ofer Raz

Co founder, CTO

Kate McGinley

Co founder, CGO

Dr. Heather Malyuk

Head of Audiology

Dr. Kathleen Wallace

Head of Provider Education

Dr. Laura Sinnott

Head of Devices and Technology

Dr. Jacque Scholl

Head of Pediatrics

Kingsley Offor

VP Sales and Partnerships

Phylicia Isaacs M. Ed.

Partner Success Manager

Renee Valdez

SVP of Product

Juan Mantz

Creative Director