Digital health is a revolutionary movement in the new era of healthcare. Encompassing mHealth, health information technology, wearables, telehealth, and personalized medicine, Digital health is poised to deliver and provide personalized care like never before.

Beyond providing modernized resources such as various online health screeners, HIPAA-compliant clinical portals, and more, digital health truly improves access to care, encourages efficiency in the healthcare sector, reduces cost, and improves clinical outcomes by embracing and focusing on person-centered care.

In the realm of hearing healthcare, “teleaudiology” is the overarching term to describe digital hearing health. Instead of “wearables,” “hearables” are one of the new device categories, and online hearing screening tools are improving and being validated at an amazing rate in order to help more patients than ever have in-person access to audiologists.

For example, platforms like Tuned are utilizing a series of multiple types of hearing screenings with each new appointment to identify any medical red flags in patients. These tools are utilized together, in conjunction with an audiologic consultation, to create the best, most convenient hearing health triage system in the world.
The result? Quicker, accurate referrals to other health care professionals, saving the patient’s valuable time and funds.

What about those who don’t require a medical referral? Digital health supports them as well. From mHealth technology such as apps created for tinnitus therapy, use with amplification devices, auditory training, hearing loss prevention, and more, to using health information technology systems to track and improve preventive measures in large populations, the ecosystem of digital health stands to provide a network of care for every human being.

When it comes to digital health as it relates to audiology, Tuned is a proud leader. By offering audiologic access to all, regardless of geographic location, age, hearing status, or needs, Tuned aims to change the future landscape of hearing care by changing the lives of millions of ears.