The concept of tele-audiology, or virtual care delivery, can seem foreign, and rightfully so. We’re used to raising our hands when we hear a beep under uncomfortable headphones in a soundproof booth that can quickly start to feel claustrophobic. Most audiologists would admit that hearing tests are not exactly user-friendly, nor does the experience leave patients with the desire to do it again. But, up until now, those with hearing issues have had no other option but to endure this experience from time to time, often far less often than the recommended annual evaluation.

With Tuned, you can evaluate your hearing virtually using your own computer and headphones from the comfort of your home. The consultations are void of waiting rooms, tedious paperwork, and stuffy offices. Rather, your Tuned dashboard will take you directly to a video call with an audiologist, running right on time.

The session, you’ll quickly learn, is all about you.

It starts with a conversation reviewing your history and questionnaire results, with a keen interest in your top priorities and how motivated you are to address them. From there, you’ll be walked through your findings with clear, jargon-free explanations from the audiologist tying these results back to your life and your priorities. The discussion can take many shapes depending on your specific needs, with common topics including safe listening habits, good communication strategies, how to advocate for yourself, and how to leverage technology.

Whether you have disabling hearing loss or are simply curious, these sessions will teach you more about your own hearing than you have ever learned. And, more importantly, it will all be tailored to you and your needs.

You’ll leave the consultation with clear action items, a better understanding of your own needs, and a newfound confidence that you can achieve better hearing.

This is Tuned: hearing healthcare reimagined.