NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tuned, a hearing health company focused on providing hearing care for all, today announced that it was named one of the winners of the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable’s (EHIR) Pitch Competition. Tuned will now participate in EHIR’s fall 2022 Academy Showcase, which is a nomination-based program that targets high-potential, early-stage innovators for the Employer Market. Tuned’s win was driven by its relevance to the problem it is trying to solve, and its connection to what employers are looking to invest in for 2022 and beyond.

Tuned is focused on expanding the current employer-sponsored benefit landscape, offering comprehensive hearing care as a specialty benefit, and helping employers take a preventative, holistic approach to hearing care. This equips employers with the tools to take a preventative, holistic approach to hearing care in the workplace, including transparent pricing models and enrollment support.

EHIR identifies and assesses emerging solutions to sift through the noise and stay ahead of the curve amid a rapidly changing competitive landscape. EHIR provides a streamlined and efficient innovation intake and evaluation process along with valuable insights to the world’s leading employers.

“Tuned’s win at the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable’s Pitch Competition shows the relevancy and increased understanding of comprehensive hearing healthcare as an employer-sponsored benefit in the workplace,” said Kate McGinley, Chief Growth Officer, and co-founder, of Tuned. “Being included in the upcoming Academy Showcase is evidence that the problem Tuned is working to solve is in step with where employers are looking to invest from a benefits perspective.”

Tuned was nominated to join EHIR’s fall 2022 Academy program, where its team participated in a week of expert-led content, advisory, and hands-on work with EHIR Academy faculty, advisors, and employer members. After pitching a panel of EHIR employer judges, Tuned was named one of the top three finalists based on its work solving challenges surrounding access to hearing benefits. EHIR deemed Tuned’s hearing care solution as one of high innovation and high potential impact within its Pitch Competition.

Tuned works with more than 180 clinical audiologists to support its clients. Compensated only for their time, these audiologists provide device- and software-agnostic counsel. Their recommendations include simple noise management techniques, earplugs in loud environments, potential software or devices like OTC or prescription hearing aids, and more.

Employer Health Innovation Roundtable comprises a private and independent network of the largest and most progressive employers. EHIR employer members collectively represent more than 10 million employees and share a mission to accelerate the adoption of innovation for the sake of improving employee health, wellness, and productivity. Members share learnings while collectively reviewing and evaluating new solutions with an intimate group of like-minded peers through a streamlined process. Because it provides objective support for emerging solutions within a rapidly changing competitive landscape, EHIR is trusted by leading employers around the world for its streamlined and efficient evaluation process and valuable insights.

‍About Tuned

Tuned is a digital-first hearing care company. Available as a standalone and employer-sponsored benefit, Tuned offers the only lifelong hearing benefit for patients of all ages. The company supports care with comprehensive product options for hearing health, freeing employers from the need to evaluate thousands of practice groups, headsets, and software combinations. Today, 5.1 million people can access Tuned through employer benefits and marketplaces. Tuned is a private company headquartered in New York City, with audiologists across the United States and worldwide. For more information visit: