You use it throughout your daily routine: to wake up to your alarm clock, watch the news, and order a coffee. It is how you avoid getting hit by a car in the street, bumping into someone on the sidewalk, and getting in an elevator. You rely on it to greet coworkers, check your messages, and answer your phone. It is necessary for your video call, that 10 AM conference call, and your big presentation. And you harness it to partake in quick conversations in the hallways, to banter with coworkers, and to perhaps even get a juicy inside scoop of privileged information spoken in a hushed voice.

It is behind many of your activities; your podcasts for your commute, music to clear your mind on a rum, and the phone calls to catch up with family. It is how you place an order at your favorite restaurant or chat with friends at a crowded bar. You need it to build trust with new acquaintances and intimacy in relationships, whether it is a first date or 50 years into a marriage.

What is it? Hearing. It is how we connect with the world around us and it is built into nearly every aspect of our lives.

How much do you value it? How much are you willing to protect it? How motivated would you be to improve it?

Tuned focuses on the hearing wellness journey, from proactively protecting your hearing to actively addressing an existing impairment. Tuned’s doctors of audiology are trusted experts in hearing and communication. They take the time to understand what hearing means to you and develop a custom care plan for your specific needs. You’ll leave with valuable insights and action items to keep you hearing well across all aspects of your life.