At the heart of telecare is education and conversation. Teleaudiology allows a patient-centered approach to care by creating an environment that is focused on the needs of the patient and diving into more specialized care. By expanding audiologic access, true hearing care is now closer than ever. Here are just a few of the ways Tuned is helping patients access teleaudiology services:

  1. By increasing geographic (and demographic) reach. Over 50% of the counties in the United States do not have audiologists. As such, there are millions of individuals without convenient access to us. Tuned uses a robust screening process, allowing individuals to complete a full hearing screening and speak with an audiologist for recommendations (such as how to proceed if a red flag is present, how to navigate OTC vs prescription hearing aids, how to protect hearing, etc.). This is valuable because many individuals simply do not tend to know about their hearing or the proper care pathway (in other words, what to do if they have an auditory issue). These types of appointments are incredibly valuable for that reason. Additionally, Tuned is reaching a younger crowd of people who are interested in wellness screenings and learning how to use headsets safely while working.
  2. To have a pre-appointment “triage” tool for efficiency of care. Some clinics are now utilizing the Tuned platform as a triage tool to detect red flags in need of ENT referral PRIOR to being seen at an in-person clinic. It’s a fantastic way to make scheduling appointments much more efficient for the benefit of patients.
  3. For follow-up care. Hearing aid follow-ups (for example, how to use an app, insertion of hearing aids, etc.), disorder therapy (such as tinnitus), hearing conservation education, and more can all be conveniently completed via teleaudiology!
  4. For second opinions. There are many individuals who have had a hearing evaluation completed but have not moved forward with either hearing protection or hearing aids because they have not had ample education. This is often no fault of the audiologist, rather these individuals simply need more time and care. The general population is hungry for audiologists who will sit down with them virtually to offer education and consultation, fully explain test results and amplification/protection options, and offer unbiased second opinions that are not attached to a sale. These types of appointments are so valuable for these individuals and Tuned is the premier platform for these consultations!
  5. As a benefit. Tuned is an employee benefit through employers and is already working with many major companies. The result is working-age patients, who otherwise would not see an audiologist, coming to the platform, having a full hearing screening, and learning about hearing wellness from a holistic perspective.