Tuned’s curated list of partners is an example of how the Tuned mission continues to enhance its efforts to provide innovative delivery and comprehensive hearing care to all.

Tuned believes everyone should have access to comprehensive hearing care. Many company health care programs offer employee benefit packages that include vision, dental and even infertility options. But no program has offered hearing care as part of an add-on option.

Tuned is the first telehealth platform to provide such a benefit package to employers. Tuned partners and collaborates with other companies where innovation hails and who share in the vision that everyone should have equal and affordable access to comprehensive hearing care.

Tuned’s approach is uniquely innovative. The core of the model is the audiologist as a high-level professional and counselor working to the limit of their license. Emphasis is placed directly on the individual seeking help and assistance.

Tuned is the first telehealth provider to implement consumer-based solutions versus product driven key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Audiological care is what Tuned is offering. Everyone deserves to have great hearing health care and the mission at Tuned is to provide that metric along with partnering with others who do the same.

Who are some of the partners?

Collaboration between partners is an ongoing effort. As head of product, @Dr. Laura Sinnott is responsible for testing and evaluating each product’s merit for partnership with Tuned. Dr. Sinnott’s background is an impressive mix of audio engineer and audiologist and as a valued member of the Tuned audiology team, Dr. Sinnott evaluates products for Tuned. Her stamp of approval assures consumers that products have passed her rigorous testing and meet Tuned’s high standard of quality, performance and value.

Here are some of the fabulous companies we partner with:
Nuheara, Eargo, Lexie/Bose, Audeara, YES Hearing, HearX, SonicCloud, Tinnibot, Oto, Beyerdynamic, Eargasm, ASI Audio, Oaktree, Etymotic and many more.

What’s Next?

Tuned is constantly seeking allies who share a common vision of providing affordable and accessible options for people with hearing loss. Tuned celebrates these friendships on the eve of World Hearing Day and welcomes the opportunity to work with new partners. Stay Tuned!