At the heart of every hearing wellness journey should be an audiologist, a doctor of hearing and balance. However, many individuals in the general population have never even heard of an audiologist let alone seen one for an appointment! As such, the concept of “hearing wellness” is often overshadowed by misconceptions and cultural stigmas.

Let’s look at the 4 most common:

Only people with severe hearing loss need to see an audiologist.

While much of the audiology community does specialize in hearing loss, the primary goal of hearing wellness is actually much broader.
For example, one of the focuses is often the prevention of hearing loss and monitoring any present disorders (such as sensitivity to sound, ringing in the ears, and more).

Because hearing loss can be prevented, everyone should see an audiologist for at least an annual hearing screening!

Hearing aids are only for “old people.”

This could not be farther from the truth! In fact, it is this misconception that has created a stigma around amplification and caused many individuals to put off seeing an audiologist for hearing help. Audiologists who are specialized to work with hearing aids often have subspecialties such as pediatric amplification, geriatrics, working-age individuals, and “alternative” hearing amplification devices! Because of these specializations, you can find the perfect audiologist to meet your hearing needs and preferences, even if you only need a little boost to hear more efficiently in background noise!

Nothing can be done for people who have ringing in their ears (tinnitus).
While many believe this because they have been told they just need to “get used to” their tinnitus, it is simply not true.

Specialized audiologists can help individuals effectively manage their tinnitus through evidence-based therapy techniques so that it becomes less intrusive over time. With telehealth, tinnitus management has become easier than ever and reaches more people every day!

Only aging and loud sounds like explosions cause hearing loss.
Aging alone does not cause hearing loss!

Here are the 5 primary factors that cause hearing loss:
Poor vascular health
Sound exposure
Disease processes
Certain medications that are “toxic” to the ears
Genetic predisposition

As individuals age, there is a greater chance of 1 or more of those factors affecting hearing, so hearing loss can be “age-related,” but certainly not caused by aging alone!

While exposure to loud explosions can certainly cause hearing loss (even instantly), injury from sound exposure is often much more subtle and gradual over time.

From earbud/headphone/headset use to everyday hobbies that might not seem “loud,” your ears take it all in and the exposure can accumulate over time to damage your ears. The best way to prevent this is to see an audiologist annually for a wellness checkup!

Tuned is helping break down barriers to hearing wellness and dispel myths by bridging the gap between audiologists and the general public. Through individual appointments and employee health plans, Tuned is opening the door to true hearing wellness.