Keeping a Career
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When you’re a consummate professional your job isn’t really a job. It’s a passion and it’s all consuming. Your work becomes life itself, and every moment spent with colleagues and clients isn’t really time spent working. It’s time spent living. So imagine when you’re told it’s time to do something else. You're told your hearing issues can’t be solved and your career is finished. Move on, please. Go do something else with your life.This is exactly what happened before this 36 year old female education professional from the Southeast met Tuned. For this case study, we’ll call her Diane (not her real name as patient privacy is a priority).

Diane’s days were spent in the company of students and colleagues, where she could showcase her talent. Which really was indulging in her passion.The enthusiasm and dedication she brought to work is something most Managers would surely appreciate, as would anyone benefiting from her expertise. Yet that enthusiasm was dwindling and something was definitelyout of tune.Over the years, Diane had developed a ringing in the ears and it only seemed to get worse, becoming louder and more persistent.At the same time, certain sounds had become physically painful.

Imagine when the very world that provides so much pleasure, suddenly causes pain and discomfort. For this professional, it led to depression and anxiety, as she was robbed of everything that made life special.

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The good news is, Diane is continuing doing what she loves, with an even bigger smile on her face, able to look forward to a long and distinguished career.And we know that sounds good.

Over a period of 12 months, Diane tried multiple audiologists and even went to see an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor in the hope they could identify the problem and recommend a solution that would bring relief. Yet every appointment was met with a growing sense of frustration, adding fuel to the depression and anxiety, as she was told ‘there’s nothing that can be done’. One specialist said ‘it’s time to find a different line of work’. Another said ‘your hearing is normal, we can’t help you’. That might have been the most difficult advice to take. Being told everything is normal, when you know it isn’t, is incredibly hard to deal with.
Fortunately, in October of 2022, Diane’s insurance offered Tuned. Diane decided to try and get help one more time, and so, an appointment with Tuned was made. Diane went through the same process as all Tuned patients, starting with completing the online hearing screening and answering a few questions about hearing health. Depending on her results, Diane knew she faced having to consider a new line of work if the problem couldn’t be fixed.Because of Tuned’s industry-leading tele-audiology care delivery model, Diane’s audiologist really took the time to listen to Diane’s story.

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A 39 year old professional, who wears a headset for hours every day, is told her career is over, because of hearing issues. After a year seeing multiple specialists, Tuned is her last chance to get her life back. We’re able to use a patient centered, holistic hearing health approach, and apply the right tools, with access to the right people. Diane’s back at work and more productive than ever. It shows how a modern method is changing what could have previously prematurely ended a career.