Innovative Care from Ear to Ear



Looking for a ‘hearing specialist near me?’ Tuned is one of the biggest provider networks, so you can meet your audiologist virtually (and stop wasting time sitting at stoplights!)


Personalized Care

Get expert recommendations based on your unique needs and preferences. We take the time to listen and only suggest vetted products that help you hear better.


Refreshingly Affordable

Skip the insurance claims and overpriced, traditional hearing aids. Tuned unlocks access to effective, high-end hearing health products and care at a fraction of the cost.

Everyone Deserves to Hear Well

At Tuned, we believe in the power of personalized, inclusive hearing care. We’re shifting the conversation away from hearing loss and highlighting hearing health. Together, we can erase the social stigma and take better care of one of our most important senses.

Improve work performance and comfort with fewer misunderstandings

Clarify speech and play a more active role in the conversation

Safeguard your hearing and prevent irreversible hearing damage

Add depth and color to your music, just like the artist intended

Cut down the background noise and focus with less ear strain

Turn Down the Volume, Turn Up Your Smile.

You don’t have to just ‘deal with it’ or wait until the problem becomes debilitating. Our global network of audiologists is committed to helping you get more out of life with less muffled sound. Every product in the Tuned marketplace is carefully vetted and trusted by industry experts, and we never promote sponsored products.

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Hear Better with a Little Help

Discover what your ears have been missing with our EarPrint evaluation tool. We take a side-by-side evaluation approach, so you can compare music with and without auditory compensation. Whether you need to boost the lows, enhance the highs, or clarify the mids, Tuned shows you what true balance sounds like.
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