Innovative Care from Ear to Ear


Comprehensive Hearing Care for All

Tuned is built to care for everyone’s hearing health, not just those who need hearing aids. With over 140 specialist audiologists in all 50 states, Tuned delivers unparalleled, holistic care for a variety of hearing conditions and issues.


The World's Most Clinically Validated Hearing Screening

Great care starts with great data. Tuned provides the world’s most clinically validated hearing screener to understand your hearing profile, coupled with a full audiology consultation, all via Telehealth.


Unrivaled Transparency

Hardware and software options with clear, transparent pricing. Direct contract and capitated options with reporting mean you're always in control of costs.

Start with a comprehnsive online hearing screening from the comfort of your home.

Review your results with one of Tuned’s 140+ audiologists across the US

Get hardware and software solutions delivered to your door, at a fraction of the cost.


Hear Better with a Little Help

Discover what your ears have been missing with our EarPrint evaluation tool. We take a side-by-side evaluation approach, so you can compare music with and without auditory compensation. Whether you need to boost the lows, enhance the highs, or clarify the mids, Tuned shows you what true balance sounds like.
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The Tuned Experience


Get a baseline

Where could your ears use some help? Led by an audiologist, you’ll emerge with a detailed profile of your personal hearing after using Tuned’s screener, the most clinically-validated online hearing workup.


Get guidance

No matter your hearing ability, you’ll emerge with recommendations to help your ears hear at their best.Tuned’s holistic process accounts for your hearing profile and the environments & devices around you.


Get going

Start your personal hearing health plan: get expert advice and products in your home, office, or wherever your travel takes you.

Everyone Deserves to Hear Well

Improve communication and comprehension

Clarify speech and play a more active role in the conversation

Safeguard your hearing and prevent irreversible hearing damage

Add depth and color to your music, just like the artist intended

Cut down the background noise and focus with less ear strain

Turn Down the Volume,
Turn Up Your Smile.

Every product in the Tuned marketplace is carefully vetted by Tuned’s audiology team, and we never promote sponsored products. We are completly brand agnostic and independant. Products are sorted by usecase - TV, Face To Face, Music, Conservation and more.

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Untreated hearing issues in today's workers costs everyone.

Research shows 25% of employees have some form of a hearing issue. For each employee with an undiagnosed hearing issue, healthcare costs increase by $2200 per year.

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Number of employees


Extra healthcare spend


per year

Tuned Providers

Advanced audiologic expertise now available to everyone


140+ Doctors of Audiology

With the largest online network of audiologists in the world, participants gain access to culturally sensitive providers, specialists, and more cutting-edge treatment options than anywhere else.


Evidence-based care

Hearing care isn't just hearing aids. Tuned brings cutting-edge options to your plan participants, backed by clinical science.


Vetted Solutions

Audiologists rigorously vet all hardware and software on the Tuned platform. Tuned's brand agnostic approach means your participants can trust they're getting the hearing health care they need.

Meet Some of Our 140+ Audiologists

Dr. Heather Malyuk

Dr. Kathleen Wallace

Dr. Laura Sinnott

Dr. Frank Wartinger

Dr. Shannon Switzer

Dr. Juan Vasquez

Dr. Carlie Squires

Dr. Imari Greaves

Dr. Christie Leung

Dr. Michael Squires

Lisa Tannenbaum, M.S.

Dr. Steve Taddei