Hearing Workup

Red-Flag Ethics, From the Start

We’ve curated the most validated, accurate online hearing screening test battery that currently exists. If at any point during the work-up one of your patients shows a red-flag, they’re directed to a medical evaluation or in-person care.


Hearing Workup

Practice at the Top of Your License

Accessing great audiologic care shouldn’t start with hearing loss. Expanding hearing care means meeting patients where they are. That extends to where their hearing is. With Tuned, we’ve built the most robust hearing work up for all hearing profiles, helping you spend more time evaluating, diagnosing, and consulting.

Hearing Workup

Care Separated from Device Sales

Most audiologists want to spend more time on patient consults, sharing hearing expertise. After screening, hearing workup patients connect with you via video chat. Whether you’re already unbundled or just starting, Tuned helps you focus on delivering care, not commission.



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How it works


Claim and Pre-Auth Hassles? Gone. Payment processing hassles? Also gone.

After you’ve delivered great care, you should...deliver more great care, not worry about revenue. Tuned resolves the post-workup administrative hassles. If you’re already using the direct care model, lower your overhead and tech time with Tuned.