Tuned for Business

Invest in hearing healthcare benefits for your employees. Hearing is the social sense, and it impacts every aspect of daily life, both at work and home. Tuned makes hearing benefits as affordable and accessible as dental, vision, and mental health.

Ear Strain: Adapting to the New Normal

On average, work-from-home employees wear headphones for 10 hours a day. The way that we hear and interact with sound has changed - so should our response.

Equip your employees with innovative technology that not only improves outcomes, but also supports and protects long-term hearing wellness.


Modern Hearing Solutions

95% of people have mild-moderate hearing loss and 15 million Americans visit a hearing professional every year. The bigger issue? 75% of those people leave the hearing clinic without a solution.

Tuned transforms the industry with:

  • Proprietary technology for online hearing screenings
  • Telehealth visits with licensed hearing healthcare professionals
  • Vetted, affordable OTC hearable apps, devices, and resources
  • Built-in billing, customer support, and telehealth booking

Tuned’s Flexible Benefit Models

We offer three voluntary benefit packages: Value, Plus, and Pro.

All three tiers include online hearing assessments with proprietary diagnostic technology in a HIPAA-compliant evaluation portal. Plus, every plan allows employees to book telehealth consultations online with Tuned’s team of licensed audiologists.

Step up to a higher benefit package to access the industry’s most robust hearing devices and resources.


$75 - $200

Chatable, SonicCloud, EVEN, Anker, Nura Loop, Earos, Eargasm

$200 - $500

Beyerdynamic, Xygo, Nuraphone, Nuheara, Alango, Audeara


ASI Audio, Beyerdynamic
All include a 15-minute chat/call with a hearing health professional to help find the best product and assist in setting it up