Tuned is free for audiologists to use. If you never sell a device on Tuned, we’re happy to have you on the platform.

Here’s how we work. We believe that a new kind of hearing care requires a new kind of relationship between audiologists, patients, and industry partners, and we’re building that infrastructure. At Tuned, audiologists and patients make the care and, when appropriate, product decisions together. In our research, we found that almost all major insurers severely limited hearing care coverage for 18-to-65-year-olds. When they did cover care, it was almost always related to major interventions, hearing aids, and related services. We think hearing health can go beyond what is currently covered.

To bring hearing health to all, we help you leverage the direct, or concierge, payment model. This goes beyond unbundling. If you don’t use the platform, you pay nothing. Patients pay for their appointments. They can book a full hearing workup for $165, a 60-minute consultation for $125, or a $30-minute consultation for $65. Tuned earns a commission for the platform (today, approximately 22%), based on use. Our success is aligned with yours.

Our promise to you is that the virtual clinic that is free will remain free. We will build out premium features in the near future. We want to make sure that when we do, we provide you with choices that are right for your goals and practice, including how you purchase these features.

I hope these thoughts are refreshing and help you see Tuned as a very different audiology partner. I look forward to seeing you use Tuned with confidence as you practice to your fullest potential.

If you have any questions, email me:

To the future of hearing care,


Danny Aronson

Founder & CEO of Tuned