Tuned allows you to schedule an appointment with a licensed Audiologist for $149.99. An appointment begins with several online tests and questionnaires to help assess your hearing health. The Audiologist will then evaluate your results and provide the best recommendations during and after your telehealth consultation.


This is a short series of important questions regarding your hearing history as it relates to your health and wellbeing. It also encompasses your hearing needs.

DIN Test

This test will assess how well you hear numbers in the presence of background noise. This allows us to achieve a better picture of your overall hearing ability.

Pure Tone Test

Assess your threshold of hearing, determining the softest point at which you hear different pitches.

A consultation may include the following:

  • Full hearing screening
  • Device recommendation
  • Device support
  • Check-in / follow up
  • Tinnitus management
  • Hearing protection
  • Hearing conservation

Take charge of your hearing health and schedule an appointment with a licensed Audiologist today.