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How it works

Tuned helps audiologists deliver hearing care across all hearing profiles.

Access Tuned Now

Beyond Hearing Evaluations and Device Sales: Practice to the Top of Your License.

Meet Tuned, the platform designed for the new future of hearing care. Grow your practice beyond brick and mortar: care for more patients, remove administrative hassles, and focus on your audiological expertise. Expand your unbundled practice, or enter a new model of care delivery. Tuned anchors in today’s ways of working, and equips you for tomorrow.


Today’s audiologist deserves a telehealth tool purpose-built for audiology. Today’s patient deserves an experience that helps them access care in more convenient ways. Tuned helps with both.

Unbundled, direct care

With Tuned, hearing care isn’t bound by device sales, or insurance requirements. Instead, audiologists and patients are free to lead decisions about appointments, therapies, and care.


Today, audiologists are expected to keep up to date on everything from practice models, to devices and therapies, to clinical care advances, all on their own. Tuned makes it easy to stay up to date on all of it, test new devices and apps, and connect with your peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I program traditional hearing aids over the platform?

Not directly through the Tuned platform, no. However, for patients with hearing aids, you could use tele-audiology features from manufacturers simultaneously with Tuned, when appropriate.

What is the audiologist-Tuned relationship in terms of tax status?

Audiologists are considered independent contractors, not employees of Tuned. Tuned will provide a 1099-MISC form to audiologists every year.

Why do you need my license and proof of ID?

As part of our rigorous vetting process, our audiology team will review both your audiology license and ID, and will set your profile up to comply with state and federal laws and regulations.

Can I sync my calendar with CounselEAR?

Yes, the integration with CounselEar allows patients booking appointments with you to only see time slots that are free on either Tuned and CounselEAR. Basically, you can allocate time to telehealth on Tuned and in-person appointments on your CounselEAR calendar. Patients can’t book telehealth when you’re working in-person and vice versa.Contact Tuned at and let us know you’d like the calendars synced. Tell us if your email on Tuned is the same as on CounselEAR and we’ll help you from there. You can also read more on Tuniversity here.