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Get a baseline

Starting point: where could your ears use some help? Led by an audiologist, you’ll emerge with a detailed profile of your personal hearing after using Tuned’s screener, the most clinically-validated online hearing workup.


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No matter your hearing ability, you’ll emerge with recommendations to help your ears hear at their best. Tuned’s holistic process accounts for your hearing profile and the environments & devices around you.


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Start your personal hearing health plan: get expert advice and products in your home, office, or wherever your travel takes you.

Remote workers average 7+ hours per day of headset use. In this environment, employees can’t wait for hearing problems to begin caring for their hearing. Enter Tuned.

Within an hour, every employee has their unique auditory profile and access to affordable hearing products. The experience is personalized for different functional areas and seniority levels, intuitive, and fully HIPAA compliant.
Tuned is inclusive.
There are experts and options for every hearing ability.

“Protecting your hearing protects your career, and, as a result, your life.”

Trentino, 32

"I need this but was too embarrassed to admit my hearing was going at my age."

Kimberly, 35

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Tuned’s Approach

In-Environment Workup
Audiologist-guided hearing screening via laptop or mobile device
Flexible Scheduling
Speak with the first available audiologist, or select your preferred specialist
Expert Care
Tuned audiologists work with some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, and with major medical centers
Health for All Ears
Employees, members, and dependents can access care via the Tuned platform.
Better Health Spending
Employees with untreated hearing issues spend $2,200 more annually on medical care
High Satisfaction
>90% of employees with access to Tuned for Teams are satisfied with the platform

Tuned Providers

Dependable quality and consistency


Provider practice

With the largest online network of audiologists in the world, users gain access to their best fit providers, specialties, and more care options than anywhere else.


Evidence-based care

Every audiologist is verified according to industry standards and has advanced levels of education and experience.


Clinical standards

Audiologists rigorously vet all options on the Tuned platform to ensure the highest levels of precision hearing care for patients.

Our Team of Audiologists

Dr. Heather Malyuk
Dr. Kathleen Wallace
Dr. Laura Sinnott
Dr. Frank Wartinger
Dr. Shannon Switzer
Dr. Juan Vasquez
Dr. Carlie Squires
Dr. Imari Greaves
Dr. Christie Leung
Dr. Michael Squires
Lisa Tannenbaum, M.S.
Dr. Steve Taddei

Why Hearing Health?

A recent study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed that for people with an untreated hearing loss, healthcare costs increase by 46%—or by $22,434 per person over a period of 10 years—compared to people without a hearing loss.3

The 2010 MarkeTrak VIII survey10,11 in the United States found that people with untreated hearing loss lose as much as $30,000 annually, depending on their degree of hearing loss. Like our study, MT8 also showed a strong relationship between the degree of hearing loss and unemployment for unaided subjects.

approximately 60% of people with hearing loss in the U.S. are under retirement age