The New Wave of Hearing Health

Our mission is to empower hearing health for all. Why? We believe in the expertise of audiologists. We believe in the power of the audiology community. We believe the current model limits the value audiologists can bring. We believe in going beyond fitting and dispensing. We believe in the audiologist-patient relationship. We believe in personalizing the patient's hearing care experience. We believe in building the infrastructure for a new wave of hearing care. We believe in unlocking the scope of hearing care. We believe in hearing care for all.

Our Story

The World Health Organization has classified hearing loss as the ‘Silent Pandemic,’ and it affects an estimated 500 million people worldwide. This problematic trend escalated in 2020 with record numbers of employees working from home and listening digitally. On average, work-from-home employees spend 10 hours a day wearing headphones. This added hearing strain will have a serious generational impact.

Even mild-moderate hearing loss can lead to severe health consequences, including social isolation, cognitive fatigue, and depression. Before Tuned, 75% of patients left their audiology appointments without a solution. We’re here to change that.

Tuned unlocks access to vetted and affordable hearing solutions. This is amplified by online hearing assessments and convenient telehealth booking and video conferencing with a virtual team of hearing health professionals.

We don’t only address hearing loss - we are co-creating a new model for hearing health.

Hearing Care for All

Hearing Screening

Identify early trends with our hearing work-up and develop a robust patient hearing profile. Tuned’s online test is HIPAA-compliant and accessible on any device.

Telehealth Visits

Book a visit with a licensed hearing health professional whenever it’s convenient. Tuned’s audiologist members can meet with patients anytime, anywhere.

Vetted Solutions

Look beyond hearing aids and find solutions that work for everyone. These audiologist-approved solutions cover all types of modern devices, for all types of hearing profiles. Sound Advice, Driven by Experts

Tuned is a collaboration between industry-leading audiologists, audio engineers, and patients. Everyone deserves to hear the world around them with clarity and total comprehension. Better hearing experiences mean closer connections, deeper engagement, and are linked with long-term health. Together, we’re committed to breaking down healthcare barriers and helping the world prioritize hearing wellness.